• Jeremy the Crow (The Secret of Nimh): Aah! I've just about had it with these losers! Flaming death! I hold in my hand the match-- the match that decides whether two In a moment I will light this trail of matches... Leading to a sheet of Flypaper dowsed in lighter fluid! Aimed directly at the flypaper Are Alivn and Simon, the pill bug cannonballs! The cannon will be triggered by Berk, trained to jump at the Sound of this bell... set to go off in 15 seconds. Our pill bugs' Only hope of survival is... our mistress of the high wire, Brittany! Secured to a web line of exact length, Brittany will Plummet down to these two posts, spinning a web of safety In less than 15 seconds! Not Good enough, you say? Well, what if they were all... blindfolded!
  • Berk (The Trap Door): (Chuckles)
  • Jeremy the Crow (The Secret of Nimh): Ladies and gentlemen, may I suggest That those of you... with weak constitutions leave the arena. For this act is so dangerous... that if the slightest thing should go wrong. No!
  • Brittany (Alvin and the Chipmunks): Go? Okay, through the tunnel...
  • Nanny (Count Duckula) Whoa!
  • Berk (The Trap Door) (Laughing)
  • Jeremy the Crow (The Secret of Nimh): Whoa!
  • Goofy (A Goofy Movie): (Screaming)
  • Ethelred (The Talking Parcel): Goofy! Oh, no!
  • Jeremy the Crow (The Secret of Nimh): (Gruning)
  • Brittany (Alvin and the Chipmunks): Oh!
  • Jeremy the Crow (The Secret of Nimh): (Whimpering)
  • Roger Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit): Water! We need some water!
  • Ethelred (The Talking Parcel): Water, water, water!
  • Goofy (A Goofy Movie): Ow!
  • Jeremy the Crow (The Secret of Nimh): (Grunting) Get me outta here! Oof! (Laughs)
  • Brittany (Alvin and the Chipmunks): It's the web. I'm sorry.
  • Jeremy the Crow (The Secret of Nimh): You're all fired.
  • Brittany (Alvin and the Chipmunks): Huh?
  • Roger Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit): We got the water!
  • Goofy (An Extremley Goofy Movie): P.T!
  • Xiro (El Archo/Noah's Ark): Whoa! Burn 'im again!

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