• Admiral DeGill: Surprise! Long live Sparky hood!
  • Atomic Roger (singing): You know, it just don't pay, To give a hoot, I'm givin' all my heart, What do I get? The boot!, I'm through with that, I'm flappin' free, From here on in, I'm lookin' out for me!
  • Robot X-5: Hey! (singing) Da-zaap bon-ronee, Hap ba-dee dee-lap-da-non, Hene-bebe-re, Doot zaba-doo-dee-day, Doo-bam doo-boo-bee-bay, Bo-bom, za-ba-pa-panney!
  • Sparky: Abba-do-dee?
  • Robot X-5: With a reep-bon-naza!
  • Sparky: Eh ba-daba doy
  • Robot X-5: Well-a-la-ba zini
  • Sparky: War-la-bop, boor-la-bop
  • Robot X-5 See-ble-bop, dooney
  • Sparky: Ooh, ooh, ooh!
  • Robot X-5: With a huh, huh, huh, huh!
  • Sparky: Rrrawr, rrrawr
  • Robot X-5: Get mad, baby!
  • Sparky: Hada-lada hada-lada
  • Robot X-5: With a hada-lada hadoo-doo
  • Sparky: Oodle-loodle-oodle-loodle
  • Robot X-5: Ooh-doo-daa-daa-daa
  • Sparky: Doodle-doot, doodle-doot
  • Robot X-5: Zee-ba-da-da Haba-da
  • Sparky (singing): Yoo-hoo-hoo
  • All Characters (singing): Bop-do-wee
  • Sparky (singing): I wanna be like you
  • All Characters (singing): Hum dee oobee-do-ba
  • Sparky and Robot X-5 (singing): I wanna walk like you
  • All Characters (singing): Dee
  • Sparky and Robot X-5 (singing): Talk like you
  • All Characters (singing): Too
  • Sparky and Robot X-5 (singing): Too-oo-oo!
  • All Characters (singing): Wee be-dee be-dee do
  • Sparky and Robot X-5 (singing): You see it's true, hoo-hoo
  • All Characters (singing): Shoo-ba dee-do
  • Sparky and Robot X-5 (singing): Someone like me-ee-ee
  • All Characters (singing): Shoo-be do-bee do-bee
  • Atomic Roger (singing): Can learn to be like someone like me
  • Robot X-5: Take me home, Daddy!
  • Sparky and Robot X-5 (singing): Can learn to be like someone like you
  • Sparky: One more time!
  • Robot X-5 (singing): Yeah! Can learn to be like someone like me Zee-dee-dee bop-bop-botta Doodle-dat un-dat un-dat un-dat un-dat un-dat... Ehh..

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