Avatar The Last Airbender Disney and Sega Style


  • Link [The Legend of Zelda] as Aang
  • Matt [My Big Big Friend] as Sokka
  • Paloma [Atomic Betty] as Katara
  • Little Audrey [Little Audrey] as Toph Beifong
  • Red Mouse [The BFG] as Momo
  • Bump the Elephant [Bump the Elephant] as Appa
  • King Harkinian [The Legend of Zelda] as King Bumi
  • Hercules [Hercules] as Prince Zuko
  • Irene [The Princess and the Goblin] as Suki
  • Carmen Sandiego [Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego] as Princess Azula
  • Dallben [The Black Cauldron] as Uncle Iroh
  • Ganon [The Legend of Zelda] as Firelord Ozai
  • Ivy [Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego] as Ty Lee
  • Megara [Hercules] as Mai
  • Danny [Tourettes Guy] as Admiral Zhao
  • Noah Parker [Atomic Betty] as Hakoda
  • Betty Barrett [Atomic Betty] as Kya
  • Nana [Hotch Potch House] as Gran-Gran
  • Leo [Little Einsteins] as Bato
  • Zack [Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego] as Haru
  • Sentator Masterson [Inhumanoids] as Tyro
  • Sandra Shore [Inhumanoids] as Haru's Mother
  • Nom [Futurama] as Hama
  • Amethyst van der Troll [Trollz] as Ursa
  • Mr. Brown [Paddington Bear] as Adult Avatar Roku
  • Slideshow Bob [The Simpsons] as Adult Firelord Sozin
  • King Candy [Wreck-It Ralph] as Firelord Azulon
  • Jonathan Brown [Paddington Bear] as Young Avatar Roku
  • Fix-It Felix Jr. [Wreck-It Ralph] as Young Firelord Sozin
  • Zelda [The Legend of Zelda] as Princess Yue
  • Sportacus [Lazytown] as Chief Arnook
  • Rosie [Everything's Rosie] as Young Katara
  • Milo [Captain Flamingo] as Young Sokka
  • Jimmy Neutron as Young Zuko
  • Jamie [Jame and the Magic Torch] as 13-year old Boy Zuko
  • Ami Onuki [Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi] as Young Azula
  • Jerry Lewis [Totally Spies!] as Monk Gyatso
  • Strawberry Shortcake as Young Mai
  • Robbie Rotten [Lazytown] as Long Feng
  • Him [The Powerpuff Girls] as Yon Rha
  • Sedusa [The Powerpuff Girls] as Yon Rha's Mother
  • Young Tiana [The Princess and the Frog] as Young Ty Lee
  • Papi [Kronk's New Groove] as Master Pakku
  • Captain Chantel DuBois [Madagascar] as June
  • The Mother Weed [VeggieTales] as Nyla
  • Zaoki [Spirou and Fantasio] as Avatar Kyoshi
  • Mary Poppins as Aunt Wu
  • Sam [Totally Spies!] as Teenage Ta-Min
  • Angelica [Sky Dancers] as Adult Ta-Min
  • Dora [Dora the Explorer] as Meng
  • Guru Pathik as Himself
  • Victor Quartermaine [Wallace and Gromit: The Cruse of Were-Rabbit] as Combustion Man
  • Sanjay [Sanjay and Craig] as The Cabbage Merchant
  • SuperTed as Bosco

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