Otis- (Home of the Range) Buck

Daisy -(my littie pony) Twilight Sparkle

Ben - (my littie pony) Big Mac

Pip- (The Lion King) Timon

Dag th coyote -(The Lion King) Scar

Pig- (The Jungle Book) Baloo

Duke- Dodger (Oliver and Company) 

Freddy- Tigger (Winne the Pooh)

Peck- Blu (Rio) 

Milles- Rafiki (The Lion King)

Bessy- Stella the Skunk (Over the Hedge)

iggy- Elliot (Open Season)

Bud- Boog (Open Season)

Eddy- Charlie Barkin (All Dogs Go To Heaven) 

Everett- Chief (The Fox and the Hound)

Root - Foghorn Leghorn

Etta- Lady Kluck (Robin Hood)

Chick- Kessie (Winne the Pooh) 

Snotty- Sid Phillips (Toy Story)

Mr beady- Gepetto Gothel (Pinocchio)

Mrs beady-Mother" Gothel (Tangled)  

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