• Narrator: DisneyTHX Productions presents, It's all new 30th full-length animated motion picture.
  • Dora: Is anyone here?
  • Pow: Mama, There's a girl in the castle!
  • Mimi: A girl.
  • Ato: A girl?
  • Narrator: The classic story of Beauty and the Angry Birds Toons. He was a lonely Bird, Cursed by the mysterious spell, And she was the beautiful young girl who could set him and his kingdom free.
  • Ato: She's the one. She has come to break the spell!
  • Narrator: They were too complete opposites,
  • Dora: I don't want to have anything to do with him!
  • Bomb: She is being so...difficult!
  • Narrator: Until someone wonderful happened.
  • Dora (singing): There's something sweet,
  • Nia: Straighten up!
  • Dora (singing): And almost kind,
  • Ato: Show me the smile.
  • Dora (singing): But he was mean, And he was coarse and unrefined. But now he's dear,
  • Ato: You look so...
  • Dora (singing): And so unsure,
  • Bomb: Stupid.
  • Dora (singing): I wonder why I didn't see it there before.
  • Narrator: It's a story filled with fun,
  • Miguel: Ooh, I beg your pardon!
  • Narrator: Adventure,
  • Ato: Sacre bleu, invaders!
  • Pak Mail: Aaaah!
  • Narrator: And dozens of wonderful new Disney THX characters.
  • Uly: Keep it down.
  • Narrator: Featuring six new songs from the academy award winning composer and lyricist of The Little Mer-Alicorn
  • All (singing): Be our guest! Be our guest! Our command is your request! It's ten years since we had anybody here And we're obsessed!
  • Narrator: This Summer, share the fun, the magic, and the music, of an entertainment you'll will never forget.
  • All (singing): Be our gueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
  • Narrator: Disney THX's Beauty and the Angry Birds Toons.
  • All (singing): ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest!
  • Tagline: Coming To Youtube July 2017

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