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  • (Tiana/Belle and The Red Guy/Beast have adjourned to the balcony, under a starry sky)
  • The Red Guy/Beast: Tiana, Are you ... happy here with me?
  • Tiana/Belle: (Slightly hesitant) Yes. (She looks off into the distance)
  • The Red Guy/Beast: What is it?
  • Tiana/Belle: If only I could see my father again. Just for a moment. I miss him so much.
  • The Red Guy/Beast: (Looks disappointed, then excited) There is a way.
  • (The pair adjourn to the Red Guy/Beast's lair, where The Red Guy/Beast hands Tiana/Belle the Mirror)
  • The Red Guy/Beast: This mirror will show you anything. Anything at all you wish to see.
  • Tiana/Belle: (Hesitantly) I'd like to see my father ... please.
  • (The Magic Mirror shines and Tiana turns her head away as it flashes. Then it reveals McZee/Maurice fallen in the woods, coughing and lost. Tiana/Belle is shocked. The Red Guy/Beast looks at her with concern)
  • Tiana/Belle: Papa. Oh, no. He's sick, he may be dying. And he's all alone.
  • (The Red Guy/Beast turns, then looks at the Rose, deep in thought)
  • The Red Guy/Beast: Then ... then you -- you must go to him.
  • Tiana/Belle: What did you say?
  • The Red Guy/Beast: I release you. You're no longer my prisoner.
  • Tiana/Belle: (Amazed) You mean ... I'm free?
  • The Red Guy/Beast: Yes.
  • Tiana/Belle: Oh, thank you. (To Magic Mirror) Hold on, Papa. I'm on my way.
  • (She turns to leave, then turns back to give the Magic Mirror back to The Red Guy/Beast)
  • The Red Guy/Beast: Take it with you ... so you'll always have a way to look back ... and remember me.
  • Tiana/Belle: Thank you for understanding how much he needs me.
  • (Tiana/Belle turns to leave and The Red Guy/Beast looks down sadly)
  • (Beauty and the Red Guy)

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