Bettylina part 1601:52

Bettylina part 16

[Cut to: The Vale of the Humans and Animals.]

  • Betty's Mom/Queen Tabitha: Oh, Noah my sunshine. First you buzzed in here the other day on that wretched thing and announced in front of the entire court that you’d found the mouse of your dreams. And now you’ve come back to say that she’s vanished?
  • Noah Parker/Prince Cornelius: Kidnapped, mother, she’s been kidnapped!
  • Betty's Mom/Queen Tabitha: You’re joking!
  • Betty's Dad/King Colbert: Betty's Mom.
  • Noah Pakrer/Prince Cornelius: Look father, please delay the winter frost for as long as you can. I need time to find Bettylina.
  • Betty's Mom/Queen Tabitha: Noah!
  • Noah Pakrer/Prince Cornelius: Don’t worry mother, I’ll be back!
  • Betty's Dad/King and Betty's Mom/Queen: Noah!
  • Noah Parker/Prince Cornelius: I’ll find her!
  • Betty's Mom/Queen Tabitha: Oh my poor boy. Betty's Dad my love, we can’t delay the frost for more than a day.

[Cut to: The Singers de Espana boat.]

  • Scrooge McDuck/Gringo: Hey, bro?
  • Baron Greenback/Grundel: Go away.
  • Scrooge McDuck/Gringo: Pond talk say Bettylina gave you the slip and is gonna marry a human prince.
  • Baron Greenback/Grundel: What human prince?
  • Scrooge McDuck/Gringo: Oh hoho, you not be able to show your ugly face on the stage no more.
  • Roger Rabbit/Mozo: Everybody laugh at you.
  • Baron Greenback/Grundel: Nobody laugh.

(Roger Rabbit/Mozo and Scrooge McDuck/Gringo laughs)

  • Baron Greenback/Grundel: I said, nobody laugh.

(they laugh again)

  • Baron Greenback/Grundel: I go get Bettylina and bring her back.
  • Roger Rabbit/Mozo: Yee-haaa! (they laugher and Baron Greenback/Grundel grunts) WHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOAAA!
  • Baron Greenback/Grundel: I marry her!

(Roger Rabbit/Mozo and Scrooge McDuck/Gringo they giggles and laughter, Baron Greenback/Grundel turns away)

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