Thebackgroundponies2016Style's Movie Spoof of "Enchanted (2007)."


  • Giselle [Animated] - Maria Posada [The Book of Life]
    Enchanted (Thebackgroundponies2016Style)
  • Giselle [Live/Action] - Agent Xero [The Modifyers]
  • Robert Phillip - Ansi Molina [Welcome To The Wayne]
  • Prince Edward [Animated] - Jonathan Loughran [Hotel Transylvania]
  • Prince Edward [Live/Action] - Marco Diaz [Star Vs. The Forces of Evil]
  • Nathaniel [Animated] - Victor Maynott [A Monster In Paris]
  • Nathaniel [Live/Action] - Vlad [Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi]
  • Nancy Tremaine [Animated] - Mavis [Hotel Transylvania]
  • Nancy Tremaine [Live-Action] - Star Butterfly [Star Vs. The Forces of Evil]
  • Morgna Phillip - Blossom [The Powerpuff Girls]
  • Queen Narrisa [Animated] - Frieda [Happily N'Ever After]
  • Queen Narrisa [Live/Action] - Lord Dominator [Wander Over Yonder]
  • Queen Narrisa as Hag [Animated] - Zelda [Swan Princess; The Mystery of the Enchanted Kingdom]
  • Queen Narrisa as Hag [Live/Action] - Princess Mandie [The Fairly OddParents]
  • Queen Narrisa as Dragon - Dragon [Skunk Fu]
  • Pip The Chipmunk [Animated] - Fievel Mousekewitz [An American Tail]
  • Pip The Chipmunk [Live/Action] - Wander [Wander Over Yonder]
  • Troll From Anderlasia - Kron [Dinosaurs]
  • Angela, a soap opera character - Teodora [Legend Quest]
  • Sam, Robert Phillip 's secretary - Marcella [Legend Quest]
  • Pregnant Woman with Kids - Wendy White [Poochini 's Yard]
  • Mary Ilene Caselotti - Frankie Foster [Foster 's Home For Imaginary Friends]
  • Bus Driver - Svetlana [Ratz]
  • Small Man called Grumpy - Uncle Grandpa
  • Arty - Hugh Test [Johnny Test]
  • Derelict Old Man - Rick Sanchez [Rick and Morty]
  • Forest Animals - Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Patrie and Spike [Land Before Time]
  • The Construction Worker - Lord Starchbottom [The 7D], Armando [Pirate Express], Louis [Wayside] and Bobby Santiago [The Loud House]
  • Piegons, Cockroaches and Rats - Zig, Sharko and Bernie [Zig and Sharko], SwaySway, Buhdeuce and Ketta [Breadwinners], Maggie Pesky and Rayna Cartflight [The Buzz on Maggie] and Oggy and Jack [Oggy and The Croakroches]