(Gadget and Scrooge Bings to Kiss Basil looking at and Ratigan Looking at too)

  • Ratigan: AYEYEYEYOW

(Runing at Scrooge And Grabs Him)

  • Gadget:Ratigan  No

(Scrooge Throws Him Ratigan Gets His Sword tries to attack Him Again Gadget runs to him)

  • Gadget: Ratigan

(Basil runs to scrooge duck to rescue Him and Gadget try to stop)

  • Gadget: Leave Him Alone (He hit Her Away)

(Scrooge and Ratigan Still to fight (Cut to Basil runs Closere and Arms to Ratigan)

  • (Cut to Ratigan and Scrooge He tries to Kill Him but gadget say last time)
  • Gadget: Ratigan Stop
  • Basil:Both Eyes Open (Basil He Shoots  Ratigan grabs Gadget's Nacklese falls into Water )
  • Scrooge McDuck: Basil
  • Basil: Is he
  • Gadget: You Killed Him
  • Basil: I Thought That
  • Gadget: Get away from Him
  • Scrooge McDuck: Gadget it won't Help He Was Only
  • Gadget:(Shouting): He Killed Him

(Sounds of Rodents Runing)

  • Scrooge Mcduck: Basil Get out of here Get out of Here

(The Mouses Grabs Scrooge Mcduck away and takes Ratigan too Pickahu and Scooby Doo Looking at gadget)

  • (Cut to The Indian Cape Timothy Q Mouse Hold Ratigan and Monterey Jack is Now Angry)
  • Monterey Jack: How Did This
  • Timothy Mouse: Gadget was out Forest Ratigan want To Find Her and (Shows Scrooge Mcduck) His With Duck Attacked Him

(Olivia Looks at Scrooge Duck and Monterey Jack Has His Word)

  • Monterey Jack:You're Weapons are Stronger But are Anger is Stronger Sumrie He Will Be First To Day
  • Gadget: But Father 
  • Monterey Jack (Angrily): I Told you To Stay in The Village you Disobeyed Me You Have Shamed your Father 
  • Gadget: I Was Only Trie to Help
  • Monterey Jack: Because of your Foolishness Ratigan is Dead!!!! Take Him Away

(The Mouses Takes Scrooge Duck Away)

  • Gadget: Ratigan was Just Butacked Me
  • Olivia: Gadget I Said Ratigan after you I Was Worried About you I Was Doing the Right thing
  • Gadget: All This Happed Because of Me and Now I Never See Scrooge Mcduck Never Again
  • Olivia: Come With Me