• Orinoco: Yoo-hoo-hoo
  • All Characters: Bop-do-wee
  • Orinoco: I wanna be like you
  • All Characters: Hum dee oobee-do-ba
  • Orinoco and Berk: I wanna walk like you
  • All Characters: Dee
  • Orinoco/Berk: Talk like you
  • All Characters: Too
  • Orinoco and Berk: Too-oo-oo!
  • All Characters: Wee be-dee be-dee do
  • Orinoco and Berk: You see it's true, hoo-hoo
  • All Characters: Shoo-ba dee-do
  • Orinoco and Berk: Someone like me-ee-ee
  • All Characters: Shoo-be do-bee do-bee
  • Eddy: Can learn to be like someone like me
  • Berk: Take me home, Daddy!
  • Orinoco and Berk: Can learn to be like someone like you
  • Orinoco: One more time!
  • Berk: Yeah! Can learn to be like someone like me Zee-dee-dee bop-bop-botta Doodle-dat un-dat un-dat un-dat un-dat un-dat... Ehh..

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