CartoonRockz's tv-spoof of "Kidssongs"


Kids Guide of Music Video Stories Life:

  1. A Day At Old Mcdonld's Farm
  2. I'd Like To Teach the World to Sing
  3. Lullaby and Good Night, Sleep Tight
  4. Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes
  5. Sing Out, America! (Home On The Range)
  6. A Day With The Animals
  7. What I Want to Be!
  8. Wonderful World if Sports (Let's Play Ball)
  9. A Day at the Circus
  10. Fun with Music
  11. Under the Sea
  12. A Day of Fun
  13. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  14. Circle of Life
  15. Balto Sings!
  16. Get Up and Dance (CartoonRockz Style)
  17. Telling the Truth (CartoonRockz Style)
  18. Bambi Says Boo!
  19. 123 Count With Me (CartoonRockz Style)
  20. The Early Years
  21. The Magic Years
  22. The Modern Classics
  23. I Can Dance
  24. I Can Do It!
  25. Celebrates Around the World (CartoonRockz Style)
  26. Olivia Flaversham and Tany Mousekewitz
  27. Balto Gets Lost
  28. Festa! (CartoonRockz Style)
  29. BambiPalooza
  30. The Great Numbers Game (CartoonRockz Style)
  31. The Alphabet Jungle (CartoonRockz Style)

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