Scooter the Purple Calf as Rudolph

Liz (From The Magic School Bus) as Hermey

Loch Ness Monster as Sam the Snowman

Big Jet as Yukon Cornelius

Scrat (From Ice Age) as Head Elf (Mr. Foreman)

Rex (From We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story) as Santa Claus

Elsa (From We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story) as Mrs. Claus

Leo as Train with Square Wheels

June as Dolly for Sue

Quincy as Boat that Sinks

Rocket as Bird Fish

Bowser (From Mario) as Bumbles the Abominable Snow Monster

Silly Sock as Scooter for Jimmy

Sid (From Ice Age) as Charlie-in-the-Box

Nate the Red Rooster as Cowboy who rides an Ostrich

Taran the Green Hen as Ostrich

Dave the Yellow Duck as Polka-Dotted Elephant

Ulysses the Blue Horse as King Moonracer

Tapper the Woodpecker as Toy Taker

Music Robot as Donner

Blue Footed Bird as Mrs. Donner

Annabelle (From Annabelle's Wish) as Clarice

Crescendo Dragon as Comet

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