Scooter the Purple Calf as Elmo

Ulysses the Blue Horse as Big Bird

Alex (From Madagascar) as Cookie Monster

Nate the Red Rooster as Oscar the Grouch

Big Bad Wolf as Count Von Count

Taran the Green Hen as Kermit the Frog

Leo as Lightning

June as Abby Cadabby

Marty (From Madagascar) as Telly Monster

Melman (From Madagascar) as Baby Bear

Dave the Yellow Duck as Fozzie Bear

Big Jet as The Great Gonzo

Rocket as Snuffy

Quincy as Kingston Livingston III

Arnold (From The Magic School Bus) as Bert

Carlos (From The Magic School Bus) as Ernie

Loch Ness Monster as Grover

Crescendo Dragon as Biff

Music Giant as Sully

Annie as Roxie Marie

and More

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