YouTube upload date: February 5, 2015


  • (Fade in from black)
  • (Image of Lydia and Soleil's Adventures of Disney Sing Along Songs title card 1.png)
  • (Fade out from black)
  • (Fade in from black)
  • (Professor Owl appears)
  • Lydia Deetz: Here he comes.
  • Soleil Spacebot: It's Professor Owl!
  • Professor Owl: Is everybody ready?
  • Soleil Spacebot: We sure are!
  • Lydia Deetz: What for?
  • Students: To sing-along!
  • Professor Owl: With Disney songs!
  • The Canary Sisters: A Disney Sing-Along!
  • Professor Owl: Now you at home can sing-along, with your favourite Disney song. We will play every note so you can sing-along!
  • Students: Join right in, sing-along with your favourite Disney song. Once you've heard every word, you'll want to sing-along!
  • Bertie Birdbrain: But I don't know all the songs!
  • Professor Owl: We'll make sure you can't go wrong!
  • Soleil Spacebot: Sing-along, one and all!
  • Lydia Deetz: Follow the bouncing ball!
  • Professor Owl: You'll find out before your done, music's fun for everyone!
  • Everyone: Join right in, sing-along with Disney's Sing-Along Songs!
  • (Bertie Playing with Cymbals)