Adult Tod (The Fox and The Hound): Surprise.

Humphrey (Alpha and Omega): Tod. Do not interrupt me while i'm daydreaming. When The Wolf's In The Zone. Leave him alone.

Adult Tod: C'mon Humphrey, Just Wanted To Wish You a happy birthday.

Humphrey: Hey man Thanks.

Adult Tod: I Got Something stuck in my teeth. It's Driving Me Crazy. Can you help me out here? You Came to the right place, my friend.

Humphrey: Dr. Humphrey D.D.S Is In The House. Please hop on top of my sterilized examination table, If You May. I Don't See Anything. It's on The Left. Okay, just don't talk with you'r mouth full. Aha.. Right in here. What a Hack is this doing here?

Adult Tod: Happy Birthday.

Humphrey: Awww.. Hey.. Thanks Man. it was behind the tooth. you're all right.

Adult Tod: These Aren't On The Shelf Yet. Here, Check It Out.

Humphrey: Look at That. Ooohhhh, Look At That, Look At That, It's Snowing

Adult Tod: Ten Years Old, Huh? A Decade!

More Coming Soon

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