Wall-e-Oliver  (Oliver and Company) 

Eve-Marie (The Aristocats)

Mo-Sonic the Hedgehog

Captain- Sulley (Monsters. Inc)

John - Shrek (Shrek)

Mary - Flona (Shrek)

Auto- captain gutt (ice age 4) 

Go-4-Baboon (Skunk Fu)

Rem-e-Fevel (An American Tail)

Han-s-Vitaly (Madagascar 3)

D-fib-Po (Kung Fu Panda) 

Hal-Flik (A Bug's Life)

Brl-a-Alex (Madagascar)

PR-t-Rarity (my littie pony)

VN-go-- Snoopy (Charlie Brown)

VAQ-m-Lumpy  (Winnie the Pooh)

L-t-Mushu (Mulan)

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