• Paddington Bear (character friend)
  • Uncle Pastuzo (Paddington's Father)
  • Aunt Lucy (Paddington's Mother)
  • Mr. Brown (Brown)
  • Mrs. Brown (Brown)
  • Mr. Gruber (Gru Ber)
  • Mr. Curry (Cur Ry)
  • Millicent (Milli Cent)
  • Young Millicent (Young Milli Cent)
  • Mrs. Bird (Misters Bird)
  • Jonathan Brown (Judy and Tony's Z)
  • Judy Brown (Tony's girlfriend)
  • Tony (Judy Brown's boyfriend)
  • Montgomery Clyde (Clya)
  • Joe (Taxi Driver)
  • Grant (Giant)
  • Andre (Thief)
  • Paddington Station (Security Guards)
  • Natural History Security Guard (Museum)
  • Barry (Security Guard)



Paddington (2014)


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