• Everyone: Pet AnimalTales!
  • Narrator: Hey kids! Don't miss these exciting episodes in the Pet AnimalTales series! "Tom, Fievel, and Jerry". Will they be forced to bow down to the giant chocolate bunny, or will they be thrown into the furnace? "Are You My Neighbor?". "The Story of Flibber-O-Loo"; Jerry Mouse has been robbed by bandits. Will his friends help or will help come from someone unexpected? Then check out "The Animals Must Be Crazy"! Fievel Mousekewitz must save the USS Applepies before a giant meteor smashes them to bits. Will he succeed before it's too late? "Fievel and the Giant Gorilla". Is anyone big enough to go against an eight-foot Gorilla? Will anyone come to the rescue? Don't miss a second! "God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?!". Have a look at the "Lions of Wrath". What do you get when a family of cranky Lions make fun of Fievel Mousekewitz? Will Papa Mousekewitz come to the rescue? Then, on to "Jerry's Lagoon". Will they survive being stuck in the tropical island? Will Tom Cat ever forgive Jerry? And how many contraptions can the professor build out of bamboo and coconuts? "Where's God When I'm S-Scared?". "Tales from the Land". What happens when Fievel Mousekewitz watches a Grasshopper movie that's a little too scary for him? Will he learn that God is bigger than anything he is afraid of? And what "Jerry and the Dinosaur's Den (TomandJerryFan360 Style)". Jerry finds himself in deep trouble with the king's wisemen. Will he escape with his life? Will God save him from the savage dinosaurs? Kids of all ages will love the original music and groundbreaking animation in each half-hour episode of Pet AnimalTales, available now at all Christian bookstores!
  • Everyone: It's time for Pet AnimalTales!

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