• Narrator: Disney and Sega Productions presents a classic case of galaxynapping
  • Gadget Hackwrench: They're gone!
  • Milo: That's terrible!
  • Yuri: What's gonna happen to us?
  • Narrator: The evil cat is on the loose.
  • Milo: Leave the galaxynapper
  • Narrator: The galaxy are on the run
  • Noah Parker: Everybody out of here, fast!
  • Narrator: but help is on the way
  • William: Charge!
  • Narrator: It's adventure
  • Noah Parker: (meows)
  • Narrator: Surprises
  • Narrator: Romances
  • Matt: Sissy Stuff
  • Narrator: and Music
  • Chad Finletter: This is outrageous, crazy!
  • Alex: Scandleoff
  • Narrator: But most of all it's
  • Milo: Quiet!
  • Narrator: It's delightful disney and sega fun
  • Chorus: Everybody, Everybody
  • (Frog Croaks)
  • Chorus: Everybody wants to be a galaxy
  • Chorus: Everybody
  • (Dennis gasps)
  • Chorus: Everybody
  • Yuri: (meows)
  • Chorus: Everybody wants to be a galaxy
  • Narrator: It's Disney and Sega's most galaxly classic comedy ever, The Aristogalaxy
  • Noah Parker: Meow!

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