UK VHS TrailerEdit

  • Boni: Abba-do-dee?
  • Berk: With a reep-bon-naza!
  • Narrator: It's a swingish children party ever!
  • Berk: You better believe it.
  • Narrator: So start this celebration, because it's coming your way the whole time fun in the children favourite you've been waiting for.
  • Berk: Have I given you a clue?
  • Narrator: It's Disney and Sega original animated classic, The Children Book, and now it can be yours own on video!
  • Baron Greenback: How delightful.
  • Berk (singing): Look for the bare necessities, The simple bare necessities, Forget about your worries and your strife.
  • Narrator: Joy, Link the man-cub learns about life from the best friends boy ever had, can't we Berk.
  • Berk: Hey!
  • Narrator: Lyin Paddington and swing King Boni.
  • Boni: Crazy.
  • Narrator: The whole family will enjoy this while disney and sega adventure, filled a finger snapping toe-tapping music music everyone's crazy about!
  • Boni (singing): Oobie-do,
  • Muppet Characters (singing): Bop-do-wee
  • Boni (singing): I wanna be like you
  • Muppet Characters (singing): Hum dee oobee-do-ba
  • Boni (singing): I wanna walk like you
  • Muppet Characters (singing): Tee
  • Boni (singing): Talk like you,
  • Muppet Characters (singing): Too
  • Boni (singing): Too!
  • Narrator: This october the most sort of a classic of the all could be yours to own, Will he only be available from a limited time, Disney and Sega's coolest classic, The Children Book.
  • Berk: Take me home, daddy!

US VHS TrailerEdit

  • Narrator: Now on videocassette, One of Disney and Sega's all-time animated favorites, "The Children Book! It's a unforgottable story of the boy who was raised by wombles, Befriended by a Blue Monster, only to end up... In the wildest adventure of all! It's a tale filled with excitement, surprises, danger, and fun. Disney and Sega's Classic. The Children Book!

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