This Sneak Peek Part 22 Yogi Battles Prince John and it will Appears On Youtube Near  Future


  • Yogi:I Made The Vow for Her Do you Hear The Vow I Made Was For Her!!!!!!!!
  • Prince John:No Need To Shout
  • Yogi:Don't Let Her Die
  • Prince John:Is That Threat

(He Grabs Him Be his Coat)

  • Yogi:Don't you dare Let Her Die
  • Prince John:Oh it is A Threat
  • Yogi:You're the Only One With The Power No Do it

(He Throughts Him af)

  • Prince John:Only If you Defeat Me

(He Transformation Into Black Bear)

  • Yogi:The Black Bear


  • Chip:I'm Betting on the Animal